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Rye, Corn, and Dedication

Our whiskeys are 51% three-year-old Canadian rye and 49% barrel-aged American corn. Why? Rye is bold, robust, spicy, and slightly dry. Corn whiskey is sweet and full bodied. By combining the two in nearly even parts, you get an experience that is oh so smooth.

Rye from Up North


Our rye is grown in Canada, where the colder climate provides a more flavorful grain for distillation.


The rye mash is then distilled in Canada in traditional column-stills.


Aged for three years in New American charred Oak barrels, our 53-gallon barrels produce aging notes of vanilla, caramel, and smoke. The varying climate (cold to hot) puts added stress on the aging process and enhances the smoothness of the whiskey.

Corn from the Midwest


Proudly grown in the American Midwest Corn belt.


The corn mash is distilled in America’s Whiskey heartland: Kentucky.


Aged for three years in New American un-charred Oak 53-gallon barrels.

The Barrels Are An Ingredient, Too

The interiors of Cask & Crew's oak barrels are charred over open flame at 1800F for 35 seconds in order to:

  • Unlock the wood's sugars, producing a caramelized flavor
  • Create a charcoal layer that filters out impurities
  • Contribute to the whiskey's rich color

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